Personal Profile

Siarhei Sushynski started his career in 2004 as a software developer for a US-based outsourcing company with a development office in Minsk, Belarus. Siarhei got hands-on experience leveraging extreme programming engineering practices and customer collaboration principles working on various projects for small and mid-sized customers.
Having grown to the engineering leadership role by 2012, Siarhei started to focus on finding better ways to develop software and satisfy customer needs leveraging agile principles and Scrum framework. Becoming a Certified ScrumMaster℠ (CSM®) after corresponding training has further improved the way Siarhei worked with the teams and customers. 

Starting from 2013, Siarhei joined Wargaming. He managed several development initiatives for internal customers utilizing agile principles to complete MVP implementations and form a well-built team for further support.  
In 2015 Siarhei got the chance to join and take part in starting the Agile transformation of the first Wargaming mobile title development studio. Siarhei worked as a Scrum Master for the development team and acted as a Kanban Master for several service-oriented teams.

Later on, Siarhei took advanced training on the facilitation techniques, leadership principles, OKRs implementation, and scaled agile methodologies.
In 2018 Siarhei joined Leveris, an Irish fin-tech startup, to scale its R&D team in a Minsk development office and establish better communication with senior stakeholders. During this endeavor, Siarhei acted as a Scrum Master for the newly formed teams and Product Owners. When the target scale of 5 teams has been reached, Siarhei served as an Agile Coach, helping Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and senior-level stakeholders find common ground and effectively move towards achieving business goals. Siarhei has extensive hands-on experience in recruitment, team stuffing, performance-review, and other standard HR practices as a collateral bonus.

In May 2020, Siarhei has finished his journey with Leveris and moved back to Wargaming to apply his skills and experience to help bring the new game prototype to the market by helping the game development studio in Chief's Scrum Master role. Unfortunately, after numerous playtests of the playable versions of the prototype, game development has been discontinued.

From November 2020, Siarhei joined Profitero, an online retail data analytics platform, as a Scrum Master & Agile Consultant to help with the ongoing Scrum / LeSS adoption in its development department built of 8 development teams.