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A computer scientist, engineer, scrum master and Agile coach with more than 20 years  experience working with several start-ups and IT companies across US, Europe, Asia and Australia. Venkatesh (a.k.a Venky in friend's circle) has been practicing Agile since 2001.

Venkatesh has successfully applied Agile on collocated and  geographically distributed teams with team sizes ranging from 5 to  150 with the same ease. Venkatesh has accumulated rich expertise while applying several scaling  strategies across financial, telecom, aerospace, travel and retail industries. 

He is rated as one of the Top 200 Agile bloggers on all matters of Agility, Innovation and Complexity. He is an agile advisor at Cutter Consortium. 

Venkatesh has been speaking at Agile, Scrum and Java conferences since 2005 across Asia, North America and Australia. He is also a frequent speaker at Scrum Austrlalia, LAST and 1st Conferences.

Venkatesh co-authored a book interviewing Agle lumanaries across Australia and currently he is working on 2 new ones.