Personal Profile

Vladimir BushinAspired organizational design professional
Minneapolis, Minnesota, Stati Uniti

Vladimir shifted groups as large as 100+ people to Scrum, scaled Agile practices across products, and improved the throughput of companies where he worked.

As an experienced Scrum Master and Agile Coach, he certified in leading scaling frameworks. This allows him to find the best fit for any organization and create an efficient Agile transformation roadmap.

Vladimir's unique blend of education, development experience, Agile practice, and knowledge in organizational efficiency allows him to see the big picture and find potential for advancing speed of delivery and improving quality at the same time.

Avid learner and explorer, Vladimir continues to expand his knowledge in quality engineering, organizational performance, and innovation. He believes that discovery, innovation, and automation drive the evolution of humanity.

Companies that excel at all three become Elite Performers. Vladimir is passionate about helping companies join the cohort of Elite Performers and exceed the market's expectations.

An achiever, Vladimir is always focused on results. He applies the most efficient tools and frameworks to fit the purpose and condition.

He helped technical teams to adopt trunk-based development, which resulted in savings of $250K per year.

He has optimized the outcome-based focus across the program, resulting in $320K annually.

He orchestrated a shift of a large program from quarterly SAFe planning to progressive LeSS planning, eliminating $400K yearly cost.

As a leader, he promotes a culture of inclusion, creativity, psychological safety, and accountability. During his career, he managed, trained, coached, and mentored more than 30 leaders for advanced communication skills and conflict resolution.

You can reach Vladimir directly on LinkedIn or by email at