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8020 Graz , Austria
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We enable Change - with style

As an Agile Change Agency we accompany individuals and organisations along their personal agile path. Besides knowledge-sharing in our Agile Trainings we support you onsite to enable and foster change efficiently and effective.

Agile Training

We learned that people can be very different. People talk differently, behave differently, learn and understand differently. This is why we use a special method in our trainings, to address all different learning types.

Besides trainings in our trainings catalog we create individual courses according to your requirements. Read more.

Agile Adoptions

Adopting agile methods or frameworks - such as Scrum or LeSS - is a particular challenge. How to begin? Where to get support?

We know every environment is unique - be it the personal or the organisational environment. As Agile Change Agents we support you to make wanted changes. Read more.

Scaling Agile

A successful scaling of agile methods begins with understanding how to use it with single teams. Our preferred tool-set for (de-)scaling is LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum). LeSS is based on Scrum, which allows to use well known principles and practices.

We build scaled environments on top of already existing experiences and methods in your organisation, to be ready to start and come to results as fast as possible. We then iteratively develop the environment further. Read more.

Agile Development

As a competence center of agile software development we offer a unique combination of top educated experts and lived practice. Our motto is: We are specialists - up to date - open for new.

By using agile methods and tools successfully, together with the involvement of our clients in the development process, we establish a value-optimized realization of your requirements. Read more.




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Wolfgang Richter Graz, Austria
Christoph Schmied Graz, Austria

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