Handpicked for Excellence in LeSS Coaching

Rigorously Evaluated for Quality and Expertise
We take pride in our rigorous evaluation process for coaching companies. This ensures that they not only understand the LeSS framework but are also adept at fostering and retaining top-tier LeSS coaches. Our goal is to connect you with organizations that are not just proficient in theory but excel in practical, impactful coaching.

Emphasizing the Personal Touch in Coaching
At the heart of effective coaching lies a personal connection. While the credentials of a coaching company are important, the individual expertise and approach of each coach are what truly make a difference. We encourage you to seek out specific coaches who resonate with your organizational needs and ethos. Remember, every Certified LeSS Trainer is also an active, skilled coach.

Explore Our Certified Coaching Companies

Explore the best in LeSS coaching through our curated list of certified companies. These organizations have demonstrated a consistent ability to nurture and provide exceptional LeSS coaches, ensuring your journey in adopting LeSS is in capable hands.

Name Location
Odd-e Singapore, Singapore
Craig Larman LeSS Coaching Vancouver, Canada
Simplification Officers Kortrijk, Belgium
Gosei Oy Helsinki, Finland
Valtech GmbH Düsseldorf, Germany
JIPP.IT GmbH 8020 Graz , Austria
Lean Sherpas GmbH Berlin, Germany
KSTS Consulting Rockville Centre, New York, United States
kai kaku Oy Lohja, Finland
ProCognita Krakow, Poland

Partner with the Best

Your journey towards successful LeSS adoption is significantly influenced by the quality of coaching you receive. By choosing from our list of Certified LeSS Coaching Companies, you are taking a step towards ensuring that your organization benefits from experienced, knowledgeable, and personalized coaching.

Embark on your journey with a partner that aligns with your vision and is equipped to guide you through the transformative world of Large-Scale Scrum. Explore our list and connect with a certified coaching company today.