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Certified LeSS for Executives: Principles, Organization, and Change

Date: March 13, 2017
(2 days)
Time: 09:00 ~ 17:00
Trainer: Ahmad Fahmy
Address: London
United Kingdom

Language: English

Description :

Ahmad was very engaging. Well prepared and able to share personal experiences, sme experiences/knowledge and related information from books, web, etc. throughout the course. Excellent command of the subject matter and use of the class time. Coninuousely introducing topics, experimenting, reviewing, and moving forward through the materials was very helpful. Ahmad's personal style and facilitation skills kept the learning interactive. This was the first training seminar I attended that I stayed focus throughout the entire sessions! - Karen Saxton

"This was a genuinely fantastic class that went well beyond just scaling scrum, and really helped me understand the principles of organisational behaviour that sit behind it" -Gez Smith

Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) is a framework for scaling agile development to multiple teams. LeSS builds on top of the Scrum principles such as empiricism, cross-functional self-managing teams of multi-skilled people, and provides a framework for applying that at scale. It provides simple structural rules and guidelines on how to adopt Scrum in large product development.

What’s a key insight for senior managers to understand about LeSS? That it is not a practice or process. Rather, LeSS implies an organizational design change, which impacts group structures, hierarchy, team formation, roles, positions, processes, and basic policies (such as career path).

The Certified LeSS for Executives course is an in-depth course covering the (1) LeSS principles, (2) adoption, (3) the role of management, and (4) broadly, what a senior manager needs to know and do to help. The course includes stories on LeSS adoptions, exercises, and extensive Q&A to ensure we discuss the topics most of interest to the participants.

The Certified LeSS for Executives course is for people in manager roles that support a LeSS effort. And since a change to LeSS involves both Product Management and R&D (or “business” and “IT”) together, senior representatives of both groups will want to attend together.

Agenda :

The following topics will be covered in the Certified LeSS for Executives course:

  • Why LeSS: Benefits to Your Company?
  • Systems Thinking, Organizational Design, and the Contract Game

  • Principles & Management Implications
    • Empirical Process Control for the Entire Organization
    • Lean Thinking in LeSS: Across All Functions
    • Systems Thinking: From Local to Global Optimization
    • Whole-Product Focus: Group and Role Impacts
    • Customer Centric: Process and Group Impacts
  • Adoption
    • The 3 Key LeSS Adoption Principles
    • Getting Starting
    • Growing Your Adoption
    • Culture Follows Structure
    • Job Safety, but not Role Safety
    • From Smallish to Huge
    • Multisite Adoption
  • LeSS Structure & Roles
    • What is your product? A LeSS perspective
    • Organizing around Customer Value and Feature Teams
    • Role of Managers
    • The Business-Driven Product Owner
    • Typical Organizational Structures and Patterns
    • Multisite Implications

Details :

All participants will be a Certified LeSS for Executives and will get an account on Here they can find additional information about LeSS, share course information and stay in contact with the other course participants.

All participants get access to the draft of the new upcoming book: Large-Scale Scrum: More with LeSS

Price: 1,500 USD

Early Bird Price: 1,350 USD (End Date: 2017-01-13)

Additional Price Information: (Plus vat)