Certified LeSS Basics


Description :

This certified online course will expose you to the world of large-scale product development for 5, 10 or 110 teams.

In this scale, the leaders and scrum masters of organizations face countless questions:

  • Which development process should we choose?
  • If Scrum worked before when we were a small company, can it still work? And what should we change?
  • How many Product Owner teams do we need? And how to synchronize and coordinate their work?
  • What lessons from other large companies can we use in our company?
  • How can we remain effective and not create unnecessary bureaucracy and processes?

These and many other questions bother those who are trying to set up processes in large product companies. And this training will help you learn how to find those answers. We will look at the Large-Scale Scrum (LeSS) approach, one of the leading approaches to scaling agile product development, which is actively gaining popularity because it helps you simplify your processes and structure and thereby give you more agility and agility.

This training is for you if you are:

  • CEO of a company or a business unit manager involved in product development on the scale of 2 or more teams.
    Agile coach or Scrum master working internally or consulting LeSS adoptions
  • Product owner or team member
  • Change agent from anywhere in the company

Agenda :

  • Challenges of scaling Scrum
  • Dynamics of slow "agile" organizations
  • LeSS principles and sciences
  • Product in LeSS
  • Organization structure in LeSS
  • Team coordination
  • Examples of multi-team LeSS events
  • Overview of LeSS Huge
  • LeSS Adoption

Details :

This CLB course is a 2-day, 5-hour online live intensive from a practitioner coach who has been using what he teaches for years.

Theory, exercises, case studies - this is a very intense online live training with an experienced trainer, Alexey Krivitsky.

Alexey Krivitsky has been practicing Scrum since 2005 and has consulted several LeSS adoptions.

Price: 590 EURO

Early Bird Price: 550 EURO (End Date: 2023-05-01)

Additional Price Information: +19% USD