Provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner: Principles to Practices

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Description :

The provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner® course is a highly interactive, in-depth course covering the LeSS principles, framework, rules, and guides. It provides essential information for adopting and continuously improving your organisation using various thinking tools (whether using LeSS or not). 

In this course, you will learn how to

  • Create a model for your organisation's Products that enables Feature Teams
  • Design a Product based, customer-centric organisation through the application of both Lean and Systems Thinking
  • Make everyone in an organisation responsible for and enthusiastically carrying out continuous improvement activities
  • Avoid the common organisational and agile anti-patterns that erode your chances of success at agile at scale
  • Use Systems Modelling to create and monitor continuous improvement experiments
  • All of this through successfully apply Scrum to more than a single team

Not only this, all of my online LeSS courses come with the offer of 90 minutes of my time to:

  • Deliver a talk on a LeSS/Agile topic of your choice followed by a Q&A
  • A group coaching or mentoring session
  • A workshop where we will use Systems Modelling to explore a topic of relevance to you or your organisation right now
  • 1-2-1 Coaching or mentoring


This course is split of 5, 5.25 Hour modules over one week (Monday-Friday).

The flow and focus of the course will be tailored to the expertise and growth areas of the people attending to create a unique and agile experience that learners get the most from.   

What people say about Ben's training

"Ben's extensive experience, his ability to communicate in an inclusive and engaging manner, articulate explanations, and his humility and style."

“The flow of the training was catered to our needs. Ben very engaging throughout the whole course - One of the best training courses I have attended.”

"Ben brings LeSS to life by talking about his many adoption experiences and demonstrates how difficult we make working lives through employing traditional multi-layered approaches."

The course contains an overview of LeSS, stories on LeSS adoptions, exercises and extensive Q&A sessions to ensure that the topics most of interest to the participants are investigated in detail. The provisional Certified LeSS Practitioner course is for anyone interested in using agile at scale or anyone who is involved in a large agile adoption.

Want to see Ben in action? Check out his talk from Agile Londons Super 6 Evening - Politics Master - The Role of Scrum Master and Why Politics Should be Mastered Too

What participants will get   

  • Three days worth of high-quality instruction from one of the most experienced LeSS trainers in the world and the UK's only Certified LeSS Coach spread over 6 days
  • A detailed workbook and course materials to take away  
  • A cost priced ticket (around £200) to attend an in-person Certified LeSS Practitioner® or LeSS & Learn course next year so you can convert your provisional certificate
  • An account on the website which contains additional information about LeSS, course information and options to stay in contact with course participants  
  • Soft copies of all three published LeSS books


Agenda :

Module 1: Why LeSS, Framework & LeSS Huge

  • Describe to others why traditional organisations lack a Lean-Agile Mindset
  • Articulate why LeSS
  • Explain how LeSS is a Scrum-based approach to scaling
  • Describe Scrum, LeSS and LeSS Huge at a high level

Module 2: LeSS Product, Product Ownership & Feature Teams

  • Explain Why creating a useful model of product matters in LeSS
  • Identify what your product is
  • Clearly articulate the role Product Owner in Scrum & LeSS
  • List what is and what makes a good Product Backlog
  • Explain the importance and organisational effect of Organizing around Customer Value and Feature Teams
  • Teach others the organizational impacts and typical LeSS organizational structure

Module 3: LeSS Scrum Master & Definition of Done

  • Describe the difference between a perfect and imperfect Definition of Done
  • Explain the system impact of perfect and imperfect Definitions of Done
  • Make a compelling argument for the role of Scrum Master within LeSS

Module 4: Technical Excellence & LeSS Manager

  • Describe the importance of technical practices & excellence when scaling.
  • Explain the Role of Management and how it differs from "traditional" management
  • Explain what is meant be organising around Customer Value and Feature Teams

Module 5: LeSS Events, LeSS Adoptions and You

  • Explain the purpose and effect of effective:
  • LeSS Product Backlog Refinement
  • LeSS Sprint Planning
  • LeSS Sprint Review
  • LeSS Sprint Retrospective
  • Articulate the importance and impact of the LeSS Rules and Principles
  • More deeply describe & understand the Organizational impacts and typical LeSS organizational structure

Details :

Pre Reading

One Team Scrum

Read the LeSS Overview

Choose a case study to read

Price: 1.550 GBP

Early Bird Price: 1.450 GBP (End Date: 2023-11-02)