LeSS Coach Camp 2022

What to expect…

This camp is intended for practising LeSS Practitioners. That means: You have prior knowledge of LeSS and you have at least tried to implement a Large-Scale Scrum adoption at an organisation.

This is your chance to interact with and learn from experienced Large-Scale Scrum Trainers who will attend this event, other trainer candidates and practitioners from all around the World!

The intention for this is to be a place to meet and learn. The plan is to have a space for learning where mistakes are OK. Once the stage is set we’ll have an Open Space or like structure to work on topics that the participants will choose.

Here are some areas where it’d be great to learn from/with each other:

  • sharing in depth experiences in adopting LeSS with customers
  • starting and framing a potential LeSS engagement with a new client
  • LeSS games
  • applying systems thinking, introducing CLDs
  • applying feature team adoption maps
  • facilitating the creation of a perfection vision, initial DoD, overall retrospectives, product definition
  • growing internal coaches, supporting communities of practice
  • etc.

City: Split Country: Croatia