Individual Involvement Of Daniel Heinen

Involved full-time since 01/2018, so shortly after the decision to adopt LeSS.

I Started as an Agile Coach sharing my experience in Large-Scale Transformations with the Management and helping them understand some of the challenges in org. structure, processes, procurement and HR. Consequently, defining guidlines "top down".

In addition, I served 2 newly formed Feature Teams as a Scrum Master starting at the "Adding More Requirement Areas" chapter. This led to several requests for coaching team dynamics, moderating large meetings (i.e. Multi-Team Refinement Workshops with +150 people) as well as settling the organizational structure and processes "bottom up".

Furthermore, starting in 2021, I was responsible for industrializing the first Level 3 ADAS system with 2 teams.

What a great and transformational learning experience!