Personal Profile

Munich, Germany

Daniel Heinen is a Scrum Master and Agile Coach at the LeSS Huge adoption at BMW Group’s Autonomous Driving division. He also works as a Lecturer at the University of Applied Science in Munich. He believes that successful products can only be developed together, with close collaboration from customer to developer. In his vision successful organizations foster collaborative learning to build successful solutions, also at scale.

Involved full-time since 01/2018, so shortly after the decision to adopt LeSS.

I Started as an Agile Coach sharing my experience in Large-Scale Transformations with the Management and helping them understand some of the challenges in org. structure, processes, procurement and HR. Consequently, defining guidlines "top down".

In addition, I served 2 newly formed Feature Teams as a Scrum Master starting at the "Adding More Requirement Areas" chapter. This led to several requests for coaching team dynamics, moderating large meetings (i.e. Multi-Team Refinement Workshops with +150 people) as well as settling the organizational structure and processes "bottom up".

Furthermore, starting in 2021, I was responsible for industrializing the first Level 3 ADAS system with 2 teams.

What a great and transformational learning experience!