The creators of LeSS, Bas Vodde and Craig Larman, and the LeSS Company strongly condemn the current war in Ukraine and the aggression from Russia. We both have a strong belief that violence is not part of the solution of a conflict. The current war is causing unnecessary pain and suffering to the citizens of Ukraine. The actions of Russia’s government against the sovereignty of Ukraine will cause a scar in the region that will likely take generations to heal again. We stand with Ukraine.

In addition to the physical war, there is also an information war going on. This is causing a lack of transparency mostly by either generalizing qualitative data or dismissing qualitative data as an exception. For this reason, we also encourage everyone to (1) broaden the sources they get information from, (2) for each piece of reporting, consider how and why the reporter might be biased and seeking gains, (3) explore reports in different language, (4) learn about the background of this conflict from multiple sources, and (5) avoid your emotions from confirming information just because they confirm your emotions.

Please, stop the fighting, destruction, suffering and killing of innocent civilians and children.

Bas & Craig