Assessing a waterfall organization for the benefits to becoming Agile, by Lancer Kind

Lancer Kind

Speaker: Lancer Kind

Topic: Assessing a waterfall organization for the benefits to becoming Agile


What you will learn about:

* a real life experience report on assessing an entire organization

* a process for assessing an IT organization

* logistics for doing an IT assessment 

* a way to rollup the information into a one hour presentation


The speaker hopes to learn from you: 

* how he could further improve assessments



Lance(r) Kind lives in the Seattle area. He started his IT career in 1995 then after four years of Waterfall his team was introduced to eXtreme Programming by Kent Beck and achieved the ability to make a “ship or no-ship” within four hours through the use of automated unit and system tests. Four years of TDD, Pair Programming, and System Testing later, he worked at SolutionsIQ delivering projects with Scrum + XP. In 2006, he began Agile coaching and training technical practices. For the last decade, he has delivered consulting services and spoken at conferences in China, India, as well as the USA. He is a publishing author of science fiction, a project management comic series called Scrum Noir, and Agile Noir--a business novel that teaches Agile through a dramatic story about a project manager literally fighting for his life. He hosts a podcast on Agile called Agile Thoughts ( It is also available in Mandarin as 敏捷理念. You can find his publications on Amazon and in the ACM Digital Library.



This meetup will take place in the Rigger Room at the Residence Inn in Seattle's University District.  Please contact us for remote/virtual attendance options.


For more information, or to RSVP, please email Tommi Johnstone at

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