Personal Profile

Lancer KindAgile Developer and Coach
Seattle, Washington, United States

Lance(r) Kind lives in China, and the USA, and places in between. He started his IT career in 1995 then after four years of Waterfall his team was introduced to eXtreme Programming by Kent Beck and achieved the ability to make a “ship or no-ship” within four hours through the use of automated unit and system tests.  Four years of TDD, Pair Programming, and System Testing later, he worked at SolutionsIQ delivering projects with Scrum and XP. In 2006 he began Agile coaching and training technical practices. For the last seven years he has delivered consulting services in China, India, as well as the USA, and has spoken at Agile conferences all of those continents. He's a publishing author of science fiction and a project management comic series called Scrum Noir which made the Amazon best seller list for a week. He also produces AGILE THOUGHS podcast (敏捷理念), a collection of insights and interviews from Agile minded folks.

Lancer recently published AGILE NOIR (in English and Mandarin), a project management business novel that like Goldratt's internationally known "The Goal,"  teaches through dramatic story telling. Kartar Patel discovers his casino IT project is funded by the mob and that his life hangs in the balance. To survive he transforms his project into an Agile one where three interdependent development teams release iteratively, quality is part of the development process, and the business leadership collaborates with the development teams. Learn Agile and Scrum from Kartar's heartbreaking failures as he makes early adopter mistakes and learn the real-world best practices that propel his innovative project to success.

He is presently writing the sequel, AGILE GRANDE, available here: