More with LeSS: A Decade of Descaling with LeSS

Global Agile Practitioner and co-creator of LeSS Craig Larman will present an exciting talk for the Agile Leadership Network after a decade of working worldwide with large product groups in their adoption of LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum). Organizations are starting to realize that the main goal of LeSS is not to enable traditional big groups to “meet their commitment” more efficiently. And they are realizing that LeSS is not “Scrum contained within each team, with something different on top.” It seems some scaling frameworks contain Scrum like a firefighter contains a brushfire.


Then what is LeSS about? It is to see the ineffectiveness of traditional large-scale organizational design and to change it, by descaling with LeSS towards a simple model for multiple teams that optimizes for agility (flexibility), learning, and flow of value. It is figuring out how, with multiple teams, to apply the simple principles and elements of Scrum that encourage empirical process control, transparency, self-managing teams, and systems optimization.

But any structural change per definition challenges the status quo of middle-management and single-specialist positions, leading to the dynamics of Larman’s Laws of Organizational Behavior.

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