Personal Profile

Barcelona, Spain

Agile and Lean coach at Everis

I've been working in IT Industry since 2001. In these years I've had different roles in the projects that I've been involved in. This has given to me the option to experience different points of view on how to get the desired solution.

Because of this now I am an agile believer and practitioner. I strongly think that agile methodoly is a must for developing any product because it provides the best solution for all the stakeholders: who uses the product, the client, the company and the team that develops the product, ...
I am a Certified Scrum Master and in order to improve my skills I took an Agile Postgraduate at the Universidad LaSalle: "Postgrado en Métodos Ágiles para el desarrollo de productos "
As well as this I am member Agile Spain and Agile Barcelona