Personal Profile

Experienced in several software development roles such as Scrum Master, Agile Coach, Software Architect and Development Lead/Manager. 

Certified Scrum Master by the Scrum Alliance, trying to help people and organizations transition to and Agile way of working. Solid experience working as Scrum Master, helping multiple teams and programs. Coaching and guiding organizations to align their structures and development practices with the Agile mindset.

Experienced with scaling Agile using SAFe and Certified LeSS Practitioner.

Passionate Agile Coach and Scrum Master interested in everything about Agile, Lean and Management 3.0

Extensive knowledge of Agile methodologies and XP techniques such as TDD, pair programming, Continuous Integration (Jenkins SonarQube). Advocate for software development best practices.

Full Stack Software Engineer mainly in J2EE technologies, working through all the stages in projects lifecycle, from requirements gathering to design, development and testing. Experienced in architecturing and designing full stack applications, although my development skills are predominantly in the Backend side (database design and development, integration protocols, REST/SOAP communication) 

Eager to learn new technologies and methodologies in order to improve and make easier development and business processes