Personal Profile

Annelies De MeyereAgile Change Facilitator and Trainer
Teralfene, Belgien
Simplification Officers

Annelies spent several years as a Service Manager, taking care of customer - supplier relationships and experiencing first hand the challenges in communication between requesting and delivering parties. She succesfully manages cultural differences by observing, remaining open minded in any situation and reconciling different points of view and communicative misunderstandings.

This experience makes her at ease to operate on all levels of an organisation, from developer to C-level.

Having seen the problems that companies face in classical setups, Annelies made the career switch towards coaching companies in agile practices using her knowledge to move teams and companies towards a better way of working and mutual understanding.

Annelies is a Certified IC-Agile Instructor, Management 3.0 facilitator and Certified LeSS Practitioner.