Personal Profile

Arne StormTrainer and Scrum Master
Oslo, Norway

Hi Everyone!

Im a Norway-based Agile consultant, coach and trainer.

For 14 years of my Career i have been working with telecommunication and electronic warefare in the Norwegian Army.
For the last 3 years I have been working with software development as a Team Lead, Scrum Master and Product Owner. 

I am a consultant with an company called "Gnist"

(Which means "Spark" in Norwegian! We all need some spark in our lives ^_^ )

Today I work as a Scrum Master for a client within the Norwegian Air Navigational Services, where I am doing my first LeSS Adaptation.

About 20% of my time is spent on non-consulting activites. Right now i spend som of my time teaching scaled agile frameworks, devops and scrum master courses.

When not consulting and teaching I am working on my podcast:  (Which is in Norwegian!)