Personal Profile

Björn Jensen is an Agility Coach and Certified Scrum Trainer® with improuv, where he provides education and coaching services to clients across Germany and Europe.

His journey towards agility began back in early 2000 with getting in touch as a Software Developer with frameworks like eXtreme Programming and Pragmatic Programming. Since then he applied agile methodologies in a lot of contexts, from small scale to large scale organizations, from development over management to executive, from more traditional to very agile. As Developer, Release & System Engineer, Scrum Master, Product Owner, Agility Coach and Trainer.

Björn is a well-known speaker at Scrum Gatherings since 2010 and other (un)conferences and events focused on lean, agile and/or development. He holds a Computer Science degree from Hamburg University of Applied Sciences.

Björn is passionate about ideation, co-creation and spending time with his family. He enjoys martial arts and music (bass guitar & upright bass).