Personal Profile

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Today, many companies see the urge to become Agile to attain a shorter time to market, better quality, higher productivity and an attractive work climate.  As a seasoned IT interim and project manager I noticed this change. Since 2006 I act more and more as Scrum master and Agile consultant. I have a coaching and facilitating leadership style, strong analytical skills and am always investigating new ways to create software that exceed the expectations of the client. I am a certified LeSS practitioner, SAFe agilist, Scrum master, Prince 2 project manager, Sun Certified Enterprise Architect and have knowledge and experience with CI (Continuous Integration) and DevOps. I proved to be pragmatic and successful even in not (yet) agile organisations. For me my assignment is a success when it brings the value intended by the stakeholders as well as a sustained improvement in co-operation and productivity.