Personal Profile

Frank HepkemaFreelance Product Owner
Lelystad, Netherlands

I am an experience professional and I feel like a fish in the water in agile environments.  Adding value to organisations and their products is what I do in my role as product owner, business information analyst or coach. I am pragmatic, flexible, inquisitive, immune to stress and I have an eye for details as well as keeping the birds eye view.

Together with my team I try to contribute to the organisation in a relaxed atmosphere.

With my communication skills – in English and in Dutch – I can move with ease on any level within an organisation.



Helping organisations in optimising their processes and the functionality of the IT systems that support these processes. Retrieving the reasons why a change is desired and so developing functional requirements needed for that change. Working with teams, coaching people and teams in aspects of agile working and lean performance.



I have worked in international settings (India, UK, Belgium, Germany), with on and off-shore development teams as well as with suppliers.


I am a member of the Agile Consortium