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Hamburg, Deutschland
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Jochen has 12 years experience in agile software-development and more than 18 years experience in information technology.
Moreover he has also experience as project manager in classical sw-development.

As he also developed with Java and Oracle technologies and taught them, he’s able to understand complex development problems as well, as lead architecture and design workshops.

For lean and agile, he taught students in agile methodologies, especially XP for four years at University.
At his time at 1&1 Internet LTD, he became a coach for development processes. Afterwards, he had the role of Scrum Master at Allianz Insurances and introduced Scrum in a large-scale agile product development. At John Deere, he was the agile coach for the german units and transformed the teams from ScrumBut to high performing teams and taught management in lean leadership.Currently, he helps companies in finance and insurance sectors to succesfully transform to agile organisations.

"Mr. Dinter has helped us with his well-founded knowledge on our track to become an agile organisation.
Especially his knowledge on scaling agility has helped us, to transform to import product development tracks succesfully to agile. Cooperation with him was always enjoyable, professional and in partnership.I'd always engage him again."

Oliver Fischer - Center of Competence Agile - Fiducia Ltd.

“We’ve found that good coaching is paramount to successful Agile implementation.  Jochen Dinter provided our group capable coaching. He was often engaged hands-on with our teams in their execution of scrum, and did not hesitate to give counsel to myself and our management team when it was warranted.  Jochen is a credible coach and we appreciated the time he was onsite with us.”
Aaron Senneff, Manager Engineering -
ISG Kaiserslautern, John Deere GmbH & Co KG

“Jochen helped me to bridge between the teams and better understand as well as address the needs of the teams in our Agile transition. He also visualized and prepared us well for our coming challenges with Agile scalability.”
Michael Hoeh, Manager Software Engineering -
ISG Kaiserslautern, John Deere GmbH & Co KG