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Jurgen De SmetChief Simplification Officer, strategic organizational design consultant, SW engineer by heart.
Kortrijk, Belgien
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I help leaders of large organizations deliver on their commitments to high performance.

Before, during and after an Agile adoption like LeSS, SAFe, Scrum at Scale, DAD or any kind of Lean transformation, large organizations often find that they need to de-scale and simplify organizational structures and processes. I function as an Executive-level guide for companies approaching their second growth phase. Industry leaders in banking, insurance, telecommunications, healthcare, utilities, media and agriculture hire me to help remove obstacles in their path to innovation.

We address specific pain points in the system so upper-management can learn to enable emergent solutions. For example:
➸  Horizontal complexity - consolidating functions across the enterprise, growing highly effective cross functional teams
➸  Vertical complexity - shedding obsolete roles, layers and reporting structures in order for fast decision making and increased flexibility
➸  Spatial complexity - preparing distributed and remote teams for success, digital is in my genes
➸  Technical complexity - removing technical debt by decoupling, XP and DevOps practices, growing products instead of building them

My engagements with clients achieve greater organizational alignment with fewer dependencies left to manage. Transparency with access to good data ensures empirically-sound decision making. As a result, the system becomes leaner, more customer-centric and ready with each successive change wave to build its greatest products yet.

Do you want to unlock strengths inside your organization’s culture to navigate new markets and technologies so you come out ahead of competition?  Commitment to high performance means removing whatever stands in the way.  Reach out to me - I bring intense curiosity to learn about your context and circumstances.

For companies that endure, simplicity brings its own rewards.

Serious benefits ahead!

Having me on board, you'll get real life experience of the following LeSS (alike) adoptions, fused with Designing Agile Organizations, I was involved in: Y Soft, AccentJobs, Vecima Networks, BASE Company, Agfa Healthcare, Governmental Services of Pensions, Barco Clickshare, Fluvius, Avast... Hey, if you'll google the web you'll notice many of them have had that such big impact they went on stage bragging about it! Will you be the next one?

Here are a few examples of what my clients shared on stage...

Some words of our founders...

Co-Creator LeSS: Bas Vodde


Co-Creator LeSS: Craig Larman


Jurgen is one if the first Certified LeSS Trainers. He has a broad hands-on experience with LeSS adoptions from medical to telecom. One great thing about Jurgen is his broad knowledge and his ability to strengthen LeSS with other great ideas such as Innovation Games and Management 3.0


Jurgen has an extraordinary and sensitive ability to help people see, and to own their insights. That quality, combined with his deep experience that spans from large-scale organizational design to startups, is a wonderful and rather unique combination. I am honored that a person of his calibre has joined as one of the first LeSS trainers.



Helped Y Soft start their journey before Mark joined in.