Personal Profile

Singapore, Singapur
I start my career as a software engineer in a software company call Buzznet in Kuala Lumpur. I mainly work on Java and Oracle DB.
A year later, I joined B2B Commerce and spent another 4 years there. During these 4 years, I worked closely with the management and manage a team of 4 engineers. I’ve created the workflow engine for the company to process documents received and sent. Besides creating an internal product, I also work on the projects that using Oracle Fusion Middleware and Oracle BPEL PM. I learned document exchange standards like EDI, RosettaNet during these 4 years.
I moved to Singapore after resigning from B2B Commerce and joined STMicroelectronics as a System Analyst. During my 3 years in STMicroelectronics, I worked on various projects that using Java, C++, C and PL/SQL. I also involved in a project that use Scrum methodology and I obtain my CSM in the year 2010.
I was sponsored by Singapore EDB to work in a game company call PlayFirst in San Francisco. I stayed in San Francisco for 18months; I learn how a game is developed from design to delivery and various new languages like Lua scripting, Flash AS3, Cocos2d in Objective C and Playground SDK when I worked with the SDK team. I setup a Jenkins build server for PlayFirst to automate the game building process.
After I came back from San Francisco, I join the company - Kazaana which focus on kids’ social interaction. The company only focuses on iOS for the moment, thus I become more specialized in Objective C. Besides Objective C, I also work a bit on PHP, Ruby, JS, Couchbase, Couchbase_lite and Sync_gateway.
I likes to read books, online programming articles and design stuff. I also start an open source project to create an Xcode plugin to enhance the refactoring capability. Here is the link to the project