Personal Profile

Krzysztof NiewinskiAgile Coach / Fan of LeSS
Warsaw, Poland


Today's companies are struggling with high volatility and innovativeness of the world of the digital economy. A neoclassical approach to management built on the basis of market stability and mass production ceased to apply. In today's economy of the "Digital Era", the adaptation is becoming a necessity for the company's survival.

I am an Agile Coach / Fan of LeSS / consultant. My mission is to help people/companies develop (learn how to develop) adaptive skills, eliminate wastes and build high-value products. I work at all levels of the organization supporting the adaptation of the organizational culture, principles, and practices which are mostly known as "Agile" and "Lean". I started my Agile journey in 2006 and I went through many technical and managerial roles working with small, middle and large companies. Today my activities are focused on customer orientation, product thinking, feedback loops, multi-disciplinarity, elimination of wastes, decentralization, fast decision making, simplifying & de-scaling.

A cost-free change and a quick response to market needs are crucial. Whoever sleeps the momentum may never regain his lost position.