Personal Profile

Laurie HarrisonProduct Manager
Charlotte, North Carolina, United States

Worked in Agile for over 7 years playing  several roles.

Digital Consultant with experience in financial industry APIs, product management, international project management, and software design, development, and testing using both waterfall and Agile methodologies. Experienced in business development, process improvement, standards creation, and change management. Equally skilled and enthusiastic in roles of individual contributor and team leader - leading teams spanning several departments, languages, and time zones. Passion for problem solving and desire to play an integral role in the creation of a digital and iOT economy that is secure, inclusive, and that makes life better for its users.


- Excels in bridging business and technology interests, ensuring that business needs are reflected in resulting software. 

- Member PMI; PMP (May 2006), CSM, pCLP, MBA, MA, BA, Knolwedge Management post-grad certificate