Personal Profile

Mario BruecknerAgile Coach & Speaker
Duesseldorf, Германия

Mario is a long time experienced expert of digital solutions for businesses, well acquitted with the agile business solutions and proved implementation procedures that go a long way in cushioning businesses, both big and small, against the changing business environments and severe economies. Mario is also a certified portfolio manager. In light of this, Mario is a change-oriented and imperative speaker and coach both in Germany and English, who is about inspiring and giving transformative talks at seminars, conferences, congresses and other major events that are meant for helping businesses realize and unleash their full potentials. Mario stands out with his renovation talks and applicable ideas for business immunity and endurance with strict adherence to the following crucial business facets:

  • Starting the agile journey
  • Integrating an agile leadership
  • Implementing and sticking to the agile strategy and design
  • Embracing digitalization and understanding its trends

Mario helps businesses develop immunity to any unfavorable conditions while continuing to amass profits and expand considerably. If your business is stuck, or you are looking for a new and working start, Mario is always ready to walk you through and help you achieve the best. Get in touch or reach out to Mario via his website:   or the website of