Personal Profile

San Antonio, Texas, United States

Mark Noneman is a Professional Scrum Trainer with and has a passion for helping people discover how Scrum can help improve software development and achieve better outcomes. He is also an Accredite Kanban Trainer with Lean Kanban University, teaching and coaching teams and orgranizations to improve their flow of work in serving their customers.

In addition to being a Professional Scrum Trainer and Accredited Kanban Trainer, Mark is an Enterprise Agile Coach and Managing Partner at The Madison Henry Group. Madison Henry is a global professional services firm dedicated to helping clients realize the benefits of Agile software development and pursue organizational Agility.

Mark began practicing Scrum back in 2002, applying, adapting, teaching and coaching Scrum in a wide variety of software and product development environments. His focus has been helping organizations deliver higher quality software and increase productivity while managing changing priorities, increasing predictability and raising visibility.