Personal Profile

Naveen Kumar SinghLeSS Friendly Scrum Trainer
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

I am a professional agile coach and have been working independently for long in the Asia Pacific. I work with executives, senior leadership team, and product development team to grow authentic leadership qualities. My agile leadership coaching focuses on product leadership, delivery leadership, and culture leadership, where executives and teams identify leadership growth areas to maximize overall organization performance.

I teach and mentor executives and leaders on how to adopt organization agility, agile way-of-working practices, and product development practices. I facilitate change in an organization to respond to uncertainties and complexities proactively. I work as a consultant, coach, guide, mentor, and teacher in my current Agile Coach position with a few leading BFSI, FMCG, and Semiconductor companies in the Asia Pacific.

I facilitate 2-4 months of mentoring programs for individuals and organizations to be a competent scrum master, product owner, agile coach, and agile delivery lead. Mentoring programs are for individuals who wanted to excel in the selected field. Classes start every year in the month of January, May, and September and run for four months consisting of more than 70 hours. If it sounds appealing, then feel free to write to me.

I love talking about agile & digital transformation over a cup of coffee and created a space for this through a platform called "Agile 30". We have been growing fast in all over Asia and becoming a preferred platform to share, explore, and learn new things. I still struggle with the concept of the community and like to call it a platform. Agile 30 is like this from the beginning, a platform to demonstrate, validate, and get feedback about your work.