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Oksana BrieseAgile Coach
Berlin, Germany
Lean Sherpas GmbH
Case Studies Involved

Organisational Design Consultant and Agile Coach working with companies building innovative products the people love to use

I excel in forming an organisational design and a culture that enables companies to create value for their customers in ever-faster cycle times.

In recent years I have worked with large organizations who hired me to help them de-scale and adopt LeSS. I have guided industry leaders in e-commerce, insurance, automobile and transportation how to simplify processes and structure, and stay competitive on the market.

Educating people has been a passion of mine for the last 14 years. As IT-consultant and agile coach I have been working for the last 9 years. I train people in Scrum and Large-Scaled Scrum using brain-friendly learning methods such as “Training from the BACK of the Room” by Sharon Bowman with lots of interactions, self-reflection and active practice in groups.

I craft engaging and motivating interaction models that help my clients design behaviour change strategies that are impact oriented and measurable and allow them to achieve their goals.

I have a strong passion regarding motivational design, user engagement, happiness, and the modern research on how mindfulness and social relationships influence health, well-being and vice versa. I believe that mindful leadership, emotional intelligence and positive thinking can positively impact your business and relationships in the company, raise performance, reduce stress, improve focus, communication and creativity.


  • “Thanks for the great time and the numerous Scrum/Agile initiatives you brought us. We experimented and learned a lot and are now in a better place because of you.” - Adrian Mühle, Software Engineer at Thales Deutschland GmbH
  • “Your comprehensive skills paired with your unique empathy and social competencies were always inspiring for us. We are all working on a higher efficiency level since you joined us, and we miss your talent in organizing events and bringing people together.” - Jan Kolbe, Software Architect at SAP SE

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I joined Sys Store as a Scrum Master in 2016. I started working with one team and later coached and mentored two teams, as the Store was growing and expanded its product definition and DoD. During 1,5 years I introduced team members and teams to Scrum and LeSS, I facilitated the LeSS Events, I organised and facilitated communities as well as multi-teams collaboration sessions. 

My main focus at the end of my engagement was the mentoring of internal Scrum Masters, coaching team members and supporting the management to create the conditions for the emergence of high-performing, self-managing teams with shared responsibility and ownership for the product and its quality.