Personal Profile

Tushar PandyaAgile Coach
Santa Clara, California, United States

Enterprise Agile Coach with 25+ years experience in all aspects of software and complex technology product development from product development, product management, marketing, field operations, business development, strategy and portfolio management. 

Passionate about: Building corporate alignment. Managing and optimizing flow of value delivery. Creating opportunities for transformational patterns and coaching enterprise and teams to collaborate and organize to hit their stride.

Motivation: Creating shortest sustainable lead time along with best quality and value. Creating world-class software that delights customer by delivering solutions in ways they did not imagine. Creating environment that empowers knowledge workers to work towards a purpose with appropriate autonomy to develop mastery in their area.

Leadership Philosophy: Situational, with natural tendency towards being a people developer. I take a comprehensive view of the quality of the people, work and the community spirit. I believe real leadership is growing people 360º.