Personal Profile

Yves CallensIS Manager - Lean IT @ Toyota Motor Europe
Brussels, Belgium

I've joined Toyota in 2004 after 6 years in ERP implementation consultancy. I'm a person that is looking for simple solution to problems and believe in the value of collective intelligence to achieve greater goals.

 In 2015, I joined the newly created Scrum and agile transformation team of Toyota Motor Europe. Our learnings and results generate interest of Toyota corporate that created the first Toyota Global Agile Hoshin in 2018.Participating to this global agile transformation, I'm one of the co-author of the Toyota Global Agile Book (release 1 in 2019) 

Since 2018, I'm also giving Lean IT training with Pierre Masai at Strasbourg University ECAM.

My other hobbies are: NeuroLeadership (Member of Beyond since 2019) and organic wine (co-founder of Biovitis since 2009)