Sprint Review Bazaar in the LeSS Conference Amsterdam

This post is a place for putting the output of the Sprint Review Bazaar from the LeSS Conference. It just lists teams and their output.

Video of the Sprint Review Bazaar

Blessed Scrum Bags (winners!)

The Scrum Bag Island Game:

blessed scrum bags 1
blessed scrum bags 2
blessed scrum bags 3

Red LeSS

red less 1
red less 2

The LeSS Keizers

the less keizers 1
the less keizers 2

The Doubles

the doubles 1

The Flying Fish Team

the flying fish team 1


border less 1


ridiculess 1
ridiculess 2
ridiculess 3

The Muppets

the muppets 1

3M (Music Makes us Move)

another unknown team 1
another unknown team 2


Unfortunately failed to produce a shippable product…

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