Open Space Sessions from the LeSS Conference Amsterdam

These are summaries and photos of some of the Open Space sessions that were held during the LeSS Conference in Amsterdam.

Open Space board

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Fearless leadership

Leaders need courage to build an Agile Learning organization, unlike a coordination based Tayloristic organization.

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Courage is needed because:

  • You need to trust the people, not control them
  • You build a system with feedback mechanisms built in
    • From the work, for example Continuous Integration. This is expensive and requires skill.
    • From the customer, like in Lean Startup. Going out of the office is scary.
    • Self-reflection of the system, for example retrospectives. Reflecting own tribe is even more threatening than reflecting oneself.
  • Benefits from learning come after a delay.

Main learnings:

  • The worry of the middle management losing their jobs needs to be addressed more thoroughly
  • Name fearless is not good…
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Large Scale Retrospectives

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large scale retrospectives 2
large scale retrospectives 3
large scale retrospectives 4
large scale retrospectives 5
large scale retrospectives 6
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Creating LeSS Questions

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How to engage middle management

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Getting executive buyin for LeSS

executive buyin for less 1

Non-software LeSS

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