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KSTS Consulting – is a small, independent entity that serves organizations of all sizes and industries, on multiple fronts. Here, we try to set the highest quality bar for other enterprise and team coaches, trainers and organizational design consultants that provide services to their clients. While holding others to high standards, we strive to keep our own bar high. We hold the highest industry credentials, from the most reputable, world-recognized organizations, as well as have our own, proven track record of accomplishments for many years. We are one of very few LeSS Coaching companies - globally (so far, the only company that is based in the USA). 

More about us is on our web stie – here.

For us, organizational agility is not just a jazz-buzz word that describes what one silo-ed organizational area does to ‘check the box’. For us, agility means organizational state of being (organizational health), an eco-systemic adaptive-ness that must be present in all organizational domains: technology, operations, HR & finance, sales & marketing, vendor management and customer service. This is the first thing that we ensure our clients understand.

Our primary focus is on organizational design (the first-order factor that defines system dynamics), followed by culture, norms, behaviors, processes and tools. We can engage and add value at any organizational level: from senior leadership to teams and individuals.  Various types of service that we can provide are all listed under the top navigation bar above.

Our coaches meet the highest industry standards and hold rarest and highest industry credentials.  For us, Large Scale Scrum (LeSS), as an organizational design and DE-scaling framework, is a very powerful tool that helps us serve our clients on their journey to better adaptiveness.   

Please, note that on our site we make available a variety of complimentary, self-educating resources that you may find valuable, while going through your own journey. Please, take advantage of the provided audios, videos, books, publications, graphics, blogs, and recommended social communities – all are easily accessible via the navigation menu (top), blog repository (right) and site map (bottom).

Please, contact us through site or via our own website.

Our LeSS trainng list can be found here.

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Upcoming LeSS Training: Virtual and In-Person (private & public) from KSTS Consulting


Gene Gendel (Certified Enterprise & Team Coach) was involved in this LeSS adoption effort during 2015-2016. For other LeSS adoptions, please contact him directly though website or his web site.



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