Certified Scrum Master with Certified LeSS Basics

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952 Rama IV Road

Description :

Note: This course is done together with Aki Enomoto

This course is designed for the basic and fundamental understanding of Scrum and how to apply them in a real-life environment.  Like any other profession, just understanding the concept is not enough to apply them in a real-life environment.  This course is like a Dojo where you learn and practice your new learnings in a safe environment.  Trainers will guide you, support you, and challenge you to deepen your understanding and apply them.  You will experience a lot of interactions between participants and learn from each other through the exercises and discussions.

Even if you already read Scrum Guide, Agile Manifesto, Scrum Primer, or some other Scrum-related books, understanding the underlining principles and thoughts behind Scrum is essential.  You also need to learn practical techniques to adopt Scrum and create a continuous improvement environment.  

When Scrum Masters are not clear about the framework and principles, easy to fall into a broken and dysfunctional state.  People may think they are doing Scrum, but many times it’s a partial adoption and leads to dysfunctionality.  Scrum is a simple framework, but it’s hard to adopt in a real organization.   Trainers have over a decade of experience helping adopt Scrum, so we know the pitfalls people usually fall into.  The trainers’ real-life stories might help you avoid them.

This class’s main trainer will be Aki Enomoto supported by Bas Vodde(Certified Scrum Trainer).  The contents of this course will be provided and facilitated mainly by Aki.  Bas will take a supporting role in this training.  All the lectures will be in English. 

If you want to learn about Scrum or refine your knowledge about Scrum this course is for you. With a focus on the role of ScrumMaster, everyone from developers to product managers or executives can get their first steps into Scrum with this course.  This course is for people who actually want to learn and change, so if you are not interested in these topics or just want to get an easy certification, this course might not be for you because we expect active participation from you in this class.

If you are Scrum Master or want to become one, you encounter questions like, Why are we doing Scrum? What is the responsibility of each role? What is the purpose of each event? Why do we need all the artifacts? These types of questions may come to you soon or later.  Are you ready to answer those questions in your own words?  If not, this course will prepare you for this.

Agenda :


  • Basics of Scrum and agility
  • The Scrum Framework: the responsibility of roles, events, artifacts, and other ingredients
  • Competencies of Scrum Masters: teaching, coaching, and facilitation
  • Scrum Masters Services to Product Owner, Developers, and the organization 
  • Organize self-organization
  • From a vision to a product
  • Changing organization

Details :

  • There will be prework and homework
  • You need to pass an online test after the course to get CSM certification.
  • Fully engaged participation in the course is required
  • Many physical activities are expected


Price: 40,000 THB