Making LeSS work in the public sector (case-study)

The Belgian Federal Pension Service (SFPD) was applying Scrum for a couple of years and like many others, we were struggling to get it working at scale, with over 16 teams. Early 2018 we organised some courses on SAFe and LeSS to find our own ways, at the same time discovering the importance of Technical Excellence, a cornerstone to make LeSS work for an organization.
We set off on a journey towards a LeSS flip in January 2019. Before we could flip, we first had to make significant changes to how (and how often) we release software. With the 'No More Majors' community of volunteers, we managed to get to a state of Continuous Delivery in a matter of months.
Then it was time for the teams to flip and the learning to really start! 18 months later, we have come a long way, and today Technical Excellence remains our biggest challenge. We are currently working patiently towards effective Continuous Integration, requiring massive changes to our SW architecture and test automation. Slowly but steadily, we're building up the necessary skills, using coding katas, mob programming and a whole lot of experiments.

We'd like to share our story interactively and hopefully get ideas from you on some of the difficulties we encounter today!

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