Personal Profile

Tampa, Florida, United States

A little about me then. I am a technophile; a designer, a developer, a manager, an artist, an analyst, a problem solver, and a lover of nerd culture. I'm also a blogger, an athlete, a gamer, a brother, a mentor, a coach, and a dad...just to name a few of the hats I wear. I'm also very proud to be Cajun!

A single label doesn't fit me well, but if I have to pick one I'd cheat and make up my own. I think "Athletechnologist" sounds good. I enjoy everything from sports to technology (and so much in between!) so perhaps it is a fitting label if just one could contain me.

Professionally I've enjoyed 15+ years in software development circles. I began my career as a graphic designer, then as a web developer, a systems analyst, further on as a manager of software development teams, and most recently as an Agile Coach. In that process, I became an evangelist for Agile methods, specifically Scrum.

I've been able to implement Scrum in transformational ways, bringing rigid waterfall organizations into Agile by implementing Scrum teams, and have seen the positive ways it can impact the way people work and how projects get delivered. I've been able to build completely new teams using Scrum right from the start, and seen the benefits that yields first hand when not encumbered by legacy processes. I've also come into large teams for global companies and piloted Scrum projects, wrestling with scaling Agile and the challenges that are presented with large matrixed organizations. 

That track record of "rubber meets the road" implementation with Scrum for various delivery teams has afforded me an opportunity to blossom into my role as an Agile Coach. Today I provide guidance to teams on not only the fundamental training to understand Scrum, but support on actually executing the ceremonies, producing artifacts, scaling scrum, and obtaining the mindset to becoming Agile as an organization.