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London, United Kingdom

An agile coach, CSM, CSP, BLAH, BLaH, bLAh with over 10 years experience in agile and scrum. Started doing agile with the UK Government before the GDS got set up, then moved to do agile transformation at Lloyds Banking Group, and am now a lead agile coach at HSBC, onboarding teams in India using LeSS. Every year I spin up a 1 week scrum team on the radio station as Glastonbury Festival too, which is fun.

I am an active member of the UK agile community, regularly attending and speaking at conferences and user group meet ups, see for full list. In early 2016, having completed a research thesis on agile as part of an MSc in Strategy, Change and Leadership, I published my second book, this time about agile in the context of digital communications. I also setup and run, teaching recruiters how to agile, and have a YouTube channel on agile at .

I like meeting new people, do say hello - gez aatt