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Krzysztof NiewinskiAgile Coach / Fan of LeSS
Warsaw, Polonia


No doubt in today's world of "Digital economy", high organizational adaptiveness became a new competitive advantage.  It has become crucial to generate, test and replicate more innovative ideas faster, at lower cost and with less risk than your rivals can.


Your company can become highly adaptive too, and I will be happy to assist you with this.


I am an Agile Coach, Trainer & Consultant with an engineering background. Since 2005, I have been professionally involved in building software products and improving organizations based on Lean and Agile principles. I gained my experience in Allegro Group (&PayU), in smaller companies, including VRenetic, Finevare, HRS as well as in large corporations like ERGO, Orange, UPC, or CircleK. I am a promoter of the LeSS (Large-Scale Scrum) in Poland - an approach that enables large-scale product development. I regularly appear at conferences, write articles, and organize the LeSS Warsaw community meetings.


If you are struggling with the lack of cooperation of many teams, groups, and departments... If you employ dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people, and yet the progress of work is still too slow... If you have tried the "Spotify" (or other "out-of-the-box") models that have turned out not to be as effective as promised... If constant change generates you high costs and delays, and your financial results are not satisfying...

I will gladly help you to change that :)


Mail me and let's see if I can help you: