Personal Profile

London, United Kingdom

I am an Agile Coach and Delivery Consultant, experienced in leading and enabling software delivery teams for leading organisations including HSBC, Ericsson Group, intive and Sporting Group (Index); currently engaged as a contract Agile Coach and Delivery Consultant on a SecureAccess Programme, leading a team of facilitators and ensuring the use of Agile best practices.
With a background in successfully delivering a broad range of applications, I am highly effectively at helping organisations implement Agile practices (such as Scrum and Lean/Kanban) and scaled approaches (including SAFe, LeSS, DAD), to drive change with a focus on objective results. Through the application of professional skills (from organisational coaching to software architecture), I foster a collaborative environment with stakeholders and team members, to work in synergy delivering value.
I am an advocate for encouraging team members to innovate and work together to identify best-fit solutions. Taking a flexible approach, I bring passion and energy to change while remaining calm under pressure.

Enterprise Agile Coaching / SAFe - Scaled Agile Framework / Kanban & Scrum / Servant Leadership / Team Building / Leading Agile Transformation Initiatives / Digital Product Delivery Management / Business Analysis / Product Management / Portfolio Management / Coaching, Mentoring & Training / Enterprise IT Architecture / Sales Engineering & Support / Public Speaking & Presentation

Contact details:
+44 (0)7518 345104