Personal Profile

Vittorio BeltracchiAgile & Lean Consultant
Milan, Italy

I'm understanding on daily basis that teaching, coaching, sharing experiences and knowledge... all of this together is the path I want to walk on.

I want to learn something new as often as I can. I keep myself updated and curious, humble and nimble.
Ultimately, "I am a book in constant writing" (from my next book, (C) 2019).

Through Agile, Lean, Kaizen, best-practice, common-knowledge, and "how didn't I think about that before?"... call it as you want, I contribute in creating a better (work)life.

Putting people first, thinking about human(s) “not” as resources.
Helping them grow and improve, allowing them to work smarter, enabling their understanding, and kick starting their problem solving skills.

Change is radical. Everyone is different, as every situation is. Context, or domain, is the ground of my contribution.
Remove waste, optimise processes, improve communication and transparency are the focal points in my practice.