Simplicity Day: Agile Magic 2020

Artem Bykovets Kyiv Link
Type: Conference Talk Date: 2020-02-29 Start Time: 10:00 Roland Flemm, Artur Margonari, Angel Diaz-Maroto, Artem Bykovets

Language: Ukrainian / English / Russian


Simplicity Day: Agile Magic 2020

Why Simplicity day?

The concept of the “Simplicity day” conference series was born as an answer to the community request, which strives to learn in a straightforward, “simple” way about complex concepts, principles, approaches and tools. Our speakers are practicing experts who can communicate the information in structured, interesting and simple way. We also limit the number of conference participants, because we value the atmosphere of comfort and believe this improves the perception of information. Long coffee breaks are also there to switch context, relax, network and reflect on the information received during the talk.

What are we going to talk about?

Simplicity Day - is a brand, series of conferences that creates the space for those who are interested in learning "Simply About Complex"! On February, 29th there is nothing to talk about but "magic"! Many people believe there is too much "magic" in the Agile world with all those self-motivated and self-organized teams, etc. Join us in that journey and find out where the real magic begins.

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