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Update on Renewal of Certification

March 2, 2018


Last newsletter, we had written the following:

Both CLP and CLE originally had an expiration of two years. For some of the early participants, this has already expired and we've been receiving requests about how to renew. After some discussions, we've decided that currently we do not offer enough value to request a renwal fee. Therefore, we are not going to require renewal at this moment and we'll keep working the next year to increase the amount of value people get from being a CLP. As some people want to contribute or want to get their expiration date to be updated, we'll offer optional renewal somewhere later this year. When we feel we're offering enough value to CLPs, in the future, then we'll ask people to renew or let their CLP expire.

And since then, a lot of people have asked us how they can renew their certificate. We sped up the optional renewal and this feature went live last week.

For those interested in changing their expiration date on their certificate or to contribution to the LeSS company, you can renew your certification via the profile menu. If you don't, there is no change at the moment until we feel we provide enough value to warrant official certification expiry.

Renewal Certification MenuYou can find the renewal option on the profile menu after logging in:


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