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LeSS Newsletter - June 2016

June 23, 2016

June... and with so many things happening, it is  time for a new newsletter. Crazy times.

LeSS Conference

LeSS ConferenceOn August 30-31, we're going to have the firstLeSS Conference in Amsterdam. The last month, we've had a lot of discussion about how to make the conference different and more LeSS-like. We want to make the conference team-based created using self-designing team workshop. The teams will build a shared conference experience which they'll share at the conference Sprint Review Bazaar. We have no idea whether this will work, but love the experiment.

Next to that, we'll have 3 tracks: Open Space, Experiments, and Experience. On the Experiment, and Experience tracks we've got some great speakers (other than Bas and Craig):

That is not all, but all for this mail. For the rest, you'll need to check out the conference site.Registrations started last month. The conference is going to be relatively small (less people), so ensure you get your ticket early otherwise you risk the conference is full.

LeSS Adoption

Gartner published a research study called Market Guide for Enterprise Agile Frameworks(requires login). According to their research, currently 10% of the respondents from agile organizations have adopted LeSS, and 23% were considering that. In their research, that makes LeSS the second most widely adopted "enterprise scaling framework" with only a 12% difference with the currently most common framework. For more info, I'm afraid you'll need to check the report itself.One Product Owner vs Multiple Product Owners

We so hope that these 10% of the agile organizations are truly making their organization simpler, and moving their teams closer to their customer to increase flexibility and purpose. The last thing the world needs is more complex processes. With that in mind, we'd like to share a picture created by LeSS trainer Viktor Grgic.

LeSS Book

It's done! The copy-editing of the book is done and it should be available early August. The book is foreworded by Stephen Denning. For Bas and Craig, the end of a 3-year long project. Such a relieve. No more books... or...  Secretly, we've been speculating about a new book which would be about an executive introduction to LeSS. Not the next couple of months though, a bit of vacation and a lot more coaching will do us both good. Some relaxing and some reality.

We'll send out another newsletter when it is available.

Videos and articles

Unfortunately, there are no new case studies published on the LeSS site, mostly because we were too busy with wrapping up the book. However, we'd like to share some videos, interviews and articles from the LeSS community:

LeSS Trainer

Ran NymanEvery newsletter we'd like to introduce a LeSS Trainer and this time it is the Ran Nyman's turn.

There isn’t any natural law preventing organizations to be places where people experience joy, innovation, collaboration and can manage them self. People spend most of their waking hours at work, and they should enjoy every minute of it. Ran is passionate about bringing joy and ease at work to an organization by removing management practices that prevent this. Ran does this by teaching, coaching and consulting organizations and collaborating with them, so they win by having passionate and engaged people working with them.

Ran has over 20 years of experience in professional software development. He has extensive experience in design patterns, UML, distributed systems, Test Driven Development and Specification by Example, Executable Requirements (also know as Acceptance Test Driven Development). He has worked as a developer, tester, manager, ScrumMaster, Product Owner, Entrepreneur and Agile coach.

Currently he is working as an Agile Coach at Gossei. He is Certified Scrum Trainer with Scrum Alliance and Certified LeSS trainer with LeSS Company.