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Sprint Planning Two

Sprint Planning Two is mostly the same as in one-team Scrum… the team creates their plan for getting the items to ‘done.’

Sprint Planning Overview

In LeSS, Sprint Planning One is a meeting of all of the Teams together. At the meeting, the teams collectively decide which items each team will work on. Each team conducts its own Sprint Planning Two meeting where the team creates its plan for getting the items to ‘done’ during the Sprint.


Multi-team Sprint Planning Two

It is common for two teams to work on similar related features or work on different features that affect the same components. In that case, it can be useful to have a Multi-team Sprint Planning Two meeting. This is done by having the teams meet in the same physical location with each team conducting its own Sprint Planning Two. That way the teams can:

  • have a shared design session,
  • ask questions of one another at any time,
  • coordinate shared work,
  • find other opportunities to work together and learn from each other (e.g. cross-team pair programming).