LeSS Site Translation

LeSS site content has been translated by many volunteers into many languages. If you are interested in supporting the translation, please let us know and we can introduce you to the translation community of the langauge. The current translation process is as below.

  • You need a user account on the LeSS site. If you don’t have one yet, let us know.
  • After login, go to the page (e.g. a LeSS framework article or a case study) you want to translate, change/add the page URL extention to .md to download the latest markdown file.
  • Please don’t change the header of the markdown except the title. Header is the topmost part between two -------s.
  • We recommend the translators to use a https://trello.com board to coordinate the translation. Ask us for the link for the board in your language.
  • Email to us the markdown when the translation is finalized. Or follow your current Trello process.
  • Please use support AT less.com for all communications.

If you find some of the translation outdated or can be improved, you can also download the latest translation markdown (use the same button after switching the language), make changes and then email us.