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LeSS is not Scrum

This page in under construction

Although LeSS is strongly influenced by Scrum, it is definitively not the same.

Some key differences between LeSS and Scrum 2017 are:

  • The concept of Scrum Team does not exist in LeSS.
  • What is called Development Team in Scrum is simply called Team in LeSS.
  • Self-organizing teams are called Self-managing Team.

  • Sprint Planning is split in Sprint Planning 1 and Sprint Planning 2.
  • Backlog Refinement is not an activity but an event.
  • Sprint Goal is not a part of LeSS but considered to be a useful practice to use with LeSS.
  • Scrum Master is a fulltime role, not a member of a Team.
  • Product Owner is not an expected participant in Team Daily Scrum or in Team Retrospective.

For now, we are ignoring the Scrum 2020 version.