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Huge Adoption

LeSS Huge adoptions tend to take a long time and involve a lot of changes within the organization. An all-at-once LeSS Huge adoption should be avoided, especially when there are more than three areas involved. We’ve experienced several all-at-once LeSS Huge adoptions and the amount of change to the organization is too large and it causes pain and suffering.

Instead, LeSS Huge adoptions should be done gradual. There are roughly two approaches to LeSS Huge adoption:

1) One Requirement Area at the time
2) Gradually expanding the work-scope of the team, Definition of Done and the Product Definition

It is recommended to at least do one Requirement Area at a time. This is like a basic 2-8 team LeSS adoption but then the area should definitively not be mapped to the architecture but should be a true requirement area within the larger product.

It is possible to combine both of the adoption techniques. Focus most effort on the “One Requirement Area at the time” while letting the rest of the organization prepare by expanding the team scope and the Definition of Done.